"Soul Mechanic" on Relix

National music publication Relix premiered our music video for "Soul Mechanic", a funky track off our upcoming new studio album, 'Running From Love'. Here's what they had to say.

"On April 8, Silver Street Records will release the latest album from Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal. On Running from Love  the group delivers more of the joyous, soul/funk that continues to win new audiences for the group. Today we premiere a live video for "Soul Mechanic," which appears on the forthcoming record. Hoyer tells Relix, "Outside one of the clubs we frequently play in Lincoln, a friend of mine and I were talking after a show. She had been going through a pretty nasty relationship situation and was explaining to a group of us that she just didn't feel right. Like she needed a mechanic for her soul. I mused and then sang out, "I need a Soul Mechanic, feel so broken down!," just like it is on the record. Everyone jumped in and we started singing that and adding our own little spins. Folks passing by probably thought we had lost it, but I tell you the boisterous singing, hand-clapping and dancing were exactly what our friend needed. Us too!"

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