"Fusing soul with hints of R&B and classic country, Hoyer took on The Chi-Lites' 1972 R&B Number One hit "Oh Girl." His smooth interpretation, along with his sonorous vocals, convinced both Shelton and fellow coach Gwen Stefani to turn their chairs as he confidently soared through the chorus."



"If James Brown and Otis Redding had a love child, it would be Josh Hoyer. The Lincoln, Nebraska, soul shouter, and his band of merry soulsters, Soul Colossal, deliver a sound so big, so funky, so wring-the-sweat-out-of-you energetic that it reaches through the speakers and shakes you until you start moving to its groove." 



"Forty-year-old Lincoln, Nebraska native, Hoyer, sang with fire and exuded a natural joy."



"On Running from Love Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal deliver more of the joyous, soul/funk that continues to win new audiences for the group. "


“Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal still prove to be at the top of the contemporary soul movement.”

Blues Magazine

“Their concerts are an explosion of emotions...”

La Voz de Galicia

"The disc powered by Hoyer’s soul-driven band is their best work yet, with songwriting that reflects on the real-life themes of love, loss and unity while packing a soul-funk punch. If you enjoy artists like Salgado or Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, you owe it to yourself to check out the serious talent, wisdom and joy that Hoyer puts down on this record."

The Reader


"...a rich album that beautifully presents the live sound of Hoyer and the band, which is when they’re at their best. Grade: A"



"At its core, soul music that is actually good is music that dwells on heartbreak and pain yet translates to a sense of pleasure and redemption for the audience. This is something that is often lost in the “modern” soul music that infatuates so many hipsters today when they fall in love with bands who seemingly preach soulful songs but fail to deliver the emotional goods. For Nebraska band Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal, the heartbreak and pain is a driving force that comes natural, and when it comes to real soul music, they absolutely deliver."



"The impression is of a band that works hard together to collectively produce a finished and enjoyable whole. Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal have created a sound that is flashy and bold, but with a wild energy clearly directed by skill and control." 



"In short, Cooked Raw is an infectious, finely crafted record where the meticulous presentation is backed by considerable substance. Having heard it on both formats, those who appreciate the vinyl things in life will want to opt to go that route, as it's the perfect record to have the needle hit as soon as the sun goes down." - 9 Out Of 10 Stars



"Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal's sound recalls pioneers in the genres of soul and funk, from Otis Redding to Curtis Mayfield. But with a relentless drive and ability to pour their heart out on stage night after night and always feel genuine, these guys are churning out something uniquely their own."



"Their just-released second album Living by the Minute evokes the hard-boiled funk of James Brown, the Memphis howl of Otis Redding and Al Green, and the percolating parade beat of New Orleans, but with a lean, modern energy. Hoyer's lyrics, enlivened by the husky charcoal purr of his voice, also keep his songs in the present, especially in the title number, which brims with urban desperation, and "Over the City," which sounds like a lost outtake from Curtis Mayfield's timeless Super Fly."



"I think that Josh Hoyer must have been weaned on Memphis dry rub BBQ, as this disc that he leads along with Benny Kushner/g, Justin Jones/dr, Josh Bargar/b, Mike Dee/sax, Tommy Van Den Berg/tb, Brian Morrow/fl and a trio of vocalists sounds like it came right out of a smoking Stax recording session. This one sweats from start to finish."



"Josh, a fan of Otis Redding, James Brown, and Curtis Mayfield, is a composer of songs so evocative listeners might mistake some, such as "The First One," for classic standards instead of the contemporary observations of a Midwesterner."